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Optimizing Supply Chain

Maximize, visualize and report utilization

Our products help enterprises to gain control of the supply chain and create the data visibility to help enterprises optimizing the supply chain.  Trusted products and services can be attached to any product in the supply chain and supply the enterprise with valuable data. We are not only delivering the hardware but also a data manager for all gathered information.

Supply Chain Management

Increasing visibility is a critical strategy

Supply chain management is a top priority for many organizations. Increasing asset visibility is a critical strategy for enterprises aimed at cost reduction and improvement of operational performance.  Supply chain optimization has applications in all industries manufacturing and/or distributing goods, including retail, industrial products, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).


Advanced alarms made simlpe notifies you of any incidents

Gaining full visibility of the products for the producer requires more data then just the normal Track-n-trace that can be obtained through normal logistic partnes. It requires daily reporting of where the goods and containers are, which can be achieved with the Trusted tracking concept.

With the Trusted device attached to each asset the producer is always in control of where the assets are and if they are “forgotten” in the supply chain and not bringing value.


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Our GPS tracking devices

We have build our own devices with sensors for many years to ensure best performance for tracking un-powered industry assets. Our sensors are battery operated with battery lifetime for several years of unattended operation. This means no wires, fast installation and easy to hide.

Most of our sensor devices are epoxy molded making them extremly robust and suitable for all-weather conditions from -30C to +85C.

Our wide range of sensors allow for different alarms, utilization detection and special functions.

  • Battery operation – no cabel install.
  • Epoxy molded – IP69k rated
  • For rough all-weather industrial use
  • Broad range og sensors.
  • Easy deployment

Available Sensors


Our devices have a built-in temperature sensor that can be used for genral purpose temperature reading and min/max alarm generating.


All our devices have a built-in MOTION sensor that can be used for triggering alarm when device is moved.


Our devices have a build-in TILT sensor to detect if the device is tiltet or even upside down.


Our T9 device can connect to up to 8 RFID tags with humidity sensor (RH) to ensure and document safe environmental conditions.


Our software visualizes utilization based on sensor input. Reports are generated that can be used for optimizing asset use.


Our devices have a built-in light sensor that can be used for detecting if e.g. a box is opened.


Our T9 will be able to connect to up to 8 wireless sensors for air pressure. ETA summer 2017.


T7 and T9 have built-in G-shock sensors that can be used for triggering alarm upon excessive G forces.

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