About Trusted A/S

Trusted A/S is a high-tech company headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark. Trusted A/S was founded in December 1999 by our CTO Mr. Nicolaj Haarup.

Trusted A/S designs, develops, produces and markets best in class ruggedized GPS trackers and a software solution that provides global visibility, tracking and monitoring of equipment. The hardware solutions withstand harsh environments and all weather conditions. The solution compromises smart sensors that will track your equipment position, log, document and present values that are important for proper transportation, maintenance, utilization and certification.

The products from Trusted A/S are based on the latest wireless technologies and includes sensors for temperature, humidity, light, movement and pattern recognition. Via the internet, it is possible for the users to create an overview and setup the system for individual requirements for monitoring, for alarms and for documentation. The advanced and accurate technology means that the solutions can be used for specific tasks, where position and time as well as several critical parameters are to be monitored and documented.

Trusted A/S is having thousands and increased numbers of products in operation worldwide and is experiencing huge demands for its advanced products, solutions, services and competencies.

Niels Henrik Olesen

CEO Niels Henrik Olesen