Challenges in the construction industry

There are numerous challenges facing today’s construction industry. Some are new to the industry, and some are centuries old. Many of these challenges are a direct result of construction operations and impacts the cost – quality – Time trade off’s. The trusted visibility suite helps your business in reducing those trade off’s.

Utilization on construction sites

Optimize time consumption in the construction industry, with an easy and simple installment, Trusted delivers a complete solution, that generates an overview and increases productivity and minimizes the costs in construction processes.

Reduce spend and leasing cost, get the perfect visuals with Trusted software suite and availability of equipment throughout the building process.


Utilization overview and weekly management report.

Where, how and when does your equipment usage peak, plan and learn how to optimize productivity during construction.

Trusted software suite provides an overview of usage and productivity, extract data directly from our suite for deeper analysis.

Learn and work smarter by analyzing your data or download a weekly reports.


Theft on construction sites, track your equipment

Losing equipment can be a costly affair during construction, not being able to deliver the project on time due to setbacks, even so the delivery time of new equipment could be a long time-consuming process.

With the Trusted software suite, you will always know where your equipment is through cellular networks, Iridium satellite technology and GPS positioning.


Machine independent tracking software and sensors

The Trusted tracking concept with battery-driven tracking devices makes the installation easy and flexible and can be used on all types of equipment on the entire construction site.

Having multiple construction sites the system enables you to run a daily updated inventory report and thereby optimize productivity by reducing time spend searching for equipment.

The package consists of our trusted software suite which enables you to connect any of trackers tracker types with different types of sensors such as, shock and motion tracking.


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