Industry 4.0 – Optimizing productivity with GPS and utilization monitoring

Tracking and monitoring are essential in Industry 4.0

The sensors from Trusted can be essential in the new sophisticated production methods that emerges right now, defined by the German concept Industrie 4.0, or in English: Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is the concept for a new kind of industrial production that is more intelligent, efficient, and computerized than ever before. The digital transformation has reached the core of manufacturing. It is way of manufacturing with a very high degree of automation, data exchange with heavy use of cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and internet of things.


Track and monitor with Trusted

In this universe of optimization and monitoring – tracking is essential. The tracking devices from Trusted have a broad range of properties which makes them highly useful in computerized production system and supply chains. The tracking management software provides a concise real time overview of data from your devices and sensors. You are no longer dependent on third party information. You can take control of your data.


Data for decentralized decisions and supply

In the world of Industry 4.0, each production unit in the line makes decentralized decisions based on detailed data. All or some of these data can come from Trusted tracking devices and sensors.

An efficiently managed supply chain is another essential area of any production, and in Industry 4.0 supply on demand is extremely vital to obtain the efficiency required. GPS and satellite based tracking devices from Trusted provide global overview of goods and assets.


Get detailed data with tracking devices and sensors

With a Trusted product, you always know the exact position of the product or asset supplied with the tracking device.

Combining our range of products, you can obtain additional data for:

• Motion – get e. g. an alarm, when the device is moved
• Tilt – see if device is tilted or upside down
• Shock – get an alarm, when sensors measure excessive G force
• Light – detect e. g. when a box is opened
• Temperature – monitor temperature of the environment of the item
• Humidity – get data about humidity
• Utilization – visualize utilization based on sensor input


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