Optimize logistics with advanced tracking and visualization


Logistics is all about getting the right product from one point to another at exactly the right moment. Optimized logistics is crucial for the bottom line for many companies in which manufacturing and distributing goods are parts of the main business. Efficient logistics requires both hardware and systems for detailed planning, tracking and constant follow-up.

Trusted helps you manage complex logistical tasks for valuable goods. Our combination of global tracking devices, versatile sensors and the advanced Trusted Visibility Suite provides you with essential data and excellent visualization overview, crucial for optimizing the supply chain.

Track and monitor products and assets in the supply chain


With the unique versatility of our tracking devices and wireless sensors you can tailor the optimal data setup to both track and monitor the state of the product in the entire supply chain.

Attach Trusted tracking devices and sensors to any product in the supply chain. Combine the right tracking device with wireless sensors to receive not only location data, but also information about e. g. tilt, shock, temperature, or humidity.

You can track not only products in the supply chain. Track and monitor your corporate assets, e. g. lifts or containers, to ensure localization and optimize utilization of resources.

Get visualized overview with Trusted Visibility Suite


Tracking and monitoring data from Trusted units are added value with the Trusted Visibility Suite, our software suite for data visualization and reporting.

Visual overview is the most powerful way of presenting tracking data. The Trusted Visibility Suite offers you full visibility of the goods and assets supplied with tracking units and sensors. Essential for both internal overview and reporting and customer satisfaction.

GPS tracking with more than track-and-trace


With the Trusted range of advanced products for tracking and monitoring, the Trusted Visibility Suite offers alarms in case of e. g. dislocations of assets.

The API of the Trusted Visibility Suite enables you to integrate it with your existing business systems and present logistics data in systems such as ERP-systems or resource management systems.

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