We are pleased to announce the adding of new features to our app Trusted Mobility SuiteTM

The app enables you to install your tracking device in under 1 minute directly from the location where the asset is placed. You only have to scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet. One of the new features also enables you to use the Trusted device ID number. Thereafter you place the tracking device on the asset.

Make photos and add all additional information from your mobile. This will be saved directly to the portal Trusted Visibility SuiteTM.

Furthermore, we have added a map feature. It gives you an overview of units on the map.


• Scanning and installation of GPS tracking devices from Trusted

• Scan the QR code on the GPS tracking device on asset

• Add your own data and information for the asset (text and photo)


• Fewer sources of wrong data

• Improvement of your master data (Text and photo)

• Easy naming of unit

• Easy position of unit

New features

• Key in unit number

• Map of unit

New benefits

• Added option by entering Trusted device ID number

• Overview of units/assets and equipment

Trusted Mobility suite - app

Therefore, download the app and enjoy the mobility!

Trusted Mobility Suite App Store

Watch the video on top and experience our new features on the app Trusted Mobility SuiteTM