About us

Trusted A/S is a leading provider of tracking solutions in industries like wind, transport, construction and others industries that require products that can withstand rough handling.

All our devices are backed up by a state-of-the-art web-based platform that gives customers great visibility of their assets with features like.

:: Position
:: Utilization
:: Temperature
:: Humidity
:: Alarms
:: Certifications
:: API integration

Trusted Partner advantages

  • Best product for heavy indsutry
  • Highly skilled support
  • Flexible solutions

Do you want to be our new partner?

We are constantly looking for highly qualified partners in areas where we currently are not represented.

As a partner, you will benefit from a highly skilled team who is able to support your sales work in a best possible way, to get inside news and affect the direction of our product development with your market insight.

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