High Quality tracking devices

We ensure that each tracking device sent from us to you is designed and manufactured with care and the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Quality is our single most important value. Trusted tracking devices are assembled by EMS companies BB Electronics A/S in Denmark and Inission Onrox AB in Malmö in Sweden, on state-of-the-art SMD lines, inspected by human eyes and vision systems to make sure all details are as expected. Our EMS partners’ line of certification is constantly increasing and currently hold these certifications and approvals:

  • ISO9001:2008 – Standard for quality management
  • ISO13485: – Medico standard. 2012(excl 7.3)
  • IPC 610A klass 2 – Productions standard
  • Manufacturing of UL-classified products
  • Approved by TUV for manufacuring related to EEC-direktive 72/245, EC 97/24 and UN ECE-R10
  • Approved by VdS for manufacturing of fire alarm systems

Many of our customers are found in heavy industries and their assets with our tracking devices are handled all over the world by both human hand but also by cranes, fork lifts, trains, demolition hammers etc. Furthermore, our devices can be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and are sometimes even submerged into water or cleaned with steam pressure washers.

In some cases our tracking devices have been run over by machinery weighing tons and they are still working as if nothing has happened.

Quality begins during development and is carried all the way through design, manufacturing, testing, sales and support. We trust you will enjoy working with us!