Get information about customer utilization on rental equipment

 Overview of utilization hours and days outside agreed rental periods

Utilization of assets and equipment outside permitted areas

Documentation of factual data

GPS positions of assets and equipment

Improve efficiency and safety of your assets and equipment during rental – an ideal solution for your company

Are you in the rental business for assets and equipment? Then you are probably aware of the risks and challenges associated with having your equipment in possession of others. It may be subject to damage, misuse, use outside agreed rental period or permitted areas – it may even get lost or worse – it may get stolen!

With a Trusted tracking solution, your company can create an overview, control the usage and location of equipment and assets in case of misuse and even theft. Furthermore, it enables you to document factual data about utilization in the system for your rented equipment.


 Easy installation – wireless tracking device

 Long battery lifetime



 Daily reports

 Customer documentation

 Connectivity – web portal with readily available data



 Increase efficiency

 Cost saving

 Monitor the exact location of the asset during the rental period

 Visibility of assets and non-powered equipment

 Keep track of factual data 

 Theft and loss recovery

 Control of hour and unauthorized usage

 Examine idle assets and equipment

 Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems


Visualize, organize and simply gain control of your business with Trusted Visibility SuiteTM

The user-friendly web portal, Trusted Visibility SuiteTM (TVS) analyses and visualizes data from the Tracking device and sensors globally.

TVS includes a report suite that sends a rapport message to your computer or mobile if an incident has occurred.

Use the Trusted API and integrate the data to your company’s own ERP system or any required business tool – thereby maintaining the highest level of private data security.

The Trusted solution can be set up for your specific needs.

Try our App Trusted Mobility Suite.

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