True Global Tracking

S1 is our newest tracking device and it supports true global coverage! S1 uses Iridium satellite communication that covers our earth from pole to pole.

S1 is build on the same principles as in our T-series of tracking devices that sports both extreme battery life time and a design for use in harsh environments.

S1 sends GPS reports each 1-24 hours and the battery will last for +6000 reports. Given e.g. 2 reports/day this equals a battery life time of 8 years!

S1 is IP69-rated and can be used in all-weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -30C to +85C.


S1 is especially suited for

  • offshore operations
  • mission critical tracking
  • scientific expeditions
  • desert tracking
  • ice drift buoys
  • maritime sport & security

Typical customers are found in offshore industry, military, meteorological institutions and sail sports.


S1 is a molded construction intended for use in all sorts of rough environments. The enclosure is IP69k rated. Fastening onto the asset is done with the 3M adhesive foam tape and/or with two 4mm cylinder head screws and bushings.

Data to server

Data are sent to our server. These data can be accessed on our tracking platform or your application can get data via our API.

Dimensions: 112x68x38mm
Weight: 300g
IP rating: IP69k
Enclsoure: PA6 w. glass + epoxy
Battery life time: Typical 8 years @ 2pos/day
Battery type: Primary Lithium, 24Ah
Operating Temperature range: -30C to +85C
Storage Temperature range: -40C to +90C
Positions technology: GPS/GLONASS and Iridium cell
Radio beacon: 433MHz band, up to 100mW
GPS antenna: Built-in
Iridium antenna: Build-in
Radio antenna: Build-in
Positions/report: 1 to 24 per day
Data/Position: 12 bytes
Data/Header: 16 bytes
SBD minimum: 28 bytes/report @ 1 pos/report
SBD maximum: 304 bytes/report @ 24 pos/report
SBD data: Subscription required

Iridium Satellite network

The Iridium satellite network is the only true global network that allows communication from pole-to-pole. This is true whether you’re on an offshore vessel, follwowing wild life in Africa, hiking in the jungle og even on an expedition in Amundsen footsteps.

Molded construction

S1 is advanced electronics molded in a super rugged nylon enclosure that can withstand any weather condditions. S1 is IP69k rated and will continue to operate even if submerged int water.

Build-in antennas

Both GPS and Iridium antennas are built into the S1 to make the installation simple eliminating wires and connectors.