Global Equipment Tracking

T9 is a completely new tracking device for long term tracking of assets all over the world. New technology and clever design have made this gem a reality with features including very long battery life time and an extremely robust enclosure.

T9 is a truley unique product with a battery life time of +6 years based on 1 position/day combined with an operating temperature range from -30C to +80C in a molded super rugged design. T9 is made especially for tracking tools and containers but its scope is much wider and includes all sorts of assets that have no power and needs tracking for a long period.

T9 uses  GPS to acquire a position and sends its data to a server via  GSM. Reports are generated in fixed intervals – e.g. 2 times each day and/or in shorter intervals if in motion.

A build-in radio beacon can be activated for close range finding if needed.


T9 is a molded construction intended for use in all sorts of rough environments. The enclosure is IP69k rated.

Fastening onto the asset is done with the 3M adhesive and/or with 2 4mm cylinder head screws.

Radio beacon

For close range finding the build-in UHF radio beacon can be activated. Using a suitable radio receiver and antenna it is possible to track down the T9 from a distance of 1-10km depending on geography.


T9 has a build-in sensors for GPS, MOTION, TILT, TEMPERATURE, LIGHT, G-CHOCK. In addition the T9 can connect to up to 8 wireless sensors / RFID tag to further enhance the sensor range. A wireless sensor could be used to e.g. sense relative humidity.

Data to server

Data are sent as GPRS (GSM). In order to ensure highest security the T9 can be configured to send reports via SMS if there is no GPRS coverage.

Dimensions: 112x68x38mm
Weight: 410g
IP rating: IP69k
Enclsoure: PA6 w. glass + epoxy
Battery life time: Up to 6 years @ 1pos/day
Battery type: Primary Lithium, 13Ah
Operating Temperature range: -30C to +80C
Storage Temperature range: -40C to +90C
Positions technology: GPS and GSM cell ID
GSM technology: GPRS/SMS Quad band
Radio beacon: 433MHz band, up to 100mW
GPS antenna: Built-in
GSM antenna: Built-in
Radio antenna: Built-in
SIM: Built-in, subscription required