Track and monitor goods and assets


Transport in modern society is highly efficient. Still, some issues remain: Valuable goods are sometimes lost or damaged, vehicles or containers are not utilized as well as they could – and from time to time corporate assets are forgotten or lost in the busy reality of every day working life.

The Trusted global tracking GPS and satellite devices and sensors, combined with the Trusted Visibility Suite, may be the missing link you need to optimize your transport business. They provide you with a visual global overview. This enables you to track and monitor valuable goods and your company’s own vital assets. That can give your company competitive advantages, which is likely to improve your company revenue.

The API of the Trusted Visibility Suite enables you to integrate it with your existing management business systems and/or ERP systems. Thereby presenting data from the Trusted devices in your company’s vital systems.

Track and monitor valuable goods


Does your company transport valuable goods, e. g. engines, heavy machinery parts, or wings for wind energy plants, it may be a good investment to track the items with Trusted GPS or satellite global tracking devices? Displacement of an item may result in short term loss of revenue and long term loss of customer trust.

Solutions from Trusted exceed simple track-and-trace. Do you transport valuable goods sensitive to e. g. temperature, humidity or shock, Trusted offers additional sensors that allow you to monitor the goods during transport around the globe.

The web based Trusted Visibility Suite visualizes data from all tracking devices and sensors globally and provides you with an excellent overview of location and status for the goods.

Maximize utilization of your company assets


Trucks, trollies, containers, tanks and other transport equipment are vital assets for a transport company. How efficiently you manage to utilize these assets, may be crucial for the profit of your transport business.

Mount Trusted GPS or satellite tracking devices on your vital company assets and you can instantly locate the position of any of the assets. That may allow your company to execute more jobs, simply because your assets are at disposal with no delay.

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