Tracking software for the wind power industry

Track conditions of transport and stock during storage and transport

Trusted Visibility tracking suite (web portal), supports GPS location search, utilization and sensor tracking during transport and storage.

Being one of the leading providers within high durability GPS trackers and a software suite for locating and analyzing the condition of equipment no matter the location or harsh conditions that the world could throw upon us, we see ourselves as providers of the highest quality product.

  • Transport frames
  • Tool containers
  • Various equipment


Minimize equipment loss and cost of searching for tools


Trusted provides true global equipment visibility for the wind industry and is used worldwide by leading wind turbine manufacturers.

Wind power logistics tracking – inbound and outbound

We deliver a tracking solution suite which enables you to track your equipment and tool containers during transport and installation ensuring the optimal supply chain.

Wind turbine environmental sensor installations

We deliver trackers to track installed wind turbines which enables your company to get the perfect overview over the condition of your turbine installations. Our sensors provide sensor data like: Humidity, Shock, temperature and Dew point.


Resource management

Being able to get an overview of available tools and resources within the company stock supplies optimizes company efficiency and investment costs.

Our software suite provides tool usage profiling including movement profiles for each piece of equipment – including mileage, location and availability.


LCOE (levelized cost of energy)

Trusted wind solution management reduces the following:

  • Installation and operation costs
  • Financing costs (CAPEX)
  • Salvage value
  • Revenue requirements for utility financing

The tracker investment is less than 0.5% of the tools costs. 15% of the total cost of a turbine is linked to transport cost and equipment. This concept provides a short return on investment (ROI).


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